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Caroline Sanderson is the multi-award-winning owner of Ego Hair Design and salon coaching academy Salon Jedi, and author of 2 books, The Salon Jedi: The Big Business Breakthrough For Ambitious Salon Owners, which became a 7 times Amazon bestseller; and the newly released Mindset Magic and Miracles, which is a 20 times UK and 5 times US bestseller.

On November 14, Caroline is hosting a 4-hour event designed to teach how to be a Conscious Creator and manifest the results you want in life and/or business with Mindset Training. What’s more, this course is primarily funded by Caroline’s million-pound training grant pledge that she has made to the industry, so of the £297 ticket price, salons pay only £7, with £290 covered by the grant.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day - 80% of which are negative. They act like a magnet attracting MORE of what we give our focus to. To attract the success you really want, the money you want and life you want you must learn to become a conscious creator rather than a passive creator.

When Caroline transformed her own business and mindset, it was during the last recession of 2009, so she teaches from experience and NOT theory. 85% of Caroline’s clients who have done the Mindset Magic and Miracles training rate it ‘better than the gurus’ with 15% saying ‘as good as the Gurus’.

The event celebrates Caroline’s new book, MINDSET MAGIC AND MIRACLES, which is more than just a business book, or a mindfulness book. It’s an invitation to the reader to develop their self-identity, form new and positive habits that will allow them to master their mindset, and learn how to use the Universal Laws to bring Magic and Miracles into their business as well as their life. The book has instantly become a bestseller in 20 UK and 5 US categories on Amazon, knocking some world-renowned gurus off the top spots.

Caroline explores key concepts related to mindset and emotional intelligence, applies these to business as well as life, and provides advice to help take action and start your own journey to mindset mastery. She takes complex subjects like consciousness, universal laws, emotional intelligence and delivers them in simple, easy to understand lessons and exercises that really resonate.

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