Monroe Join Campaign to Raise the Importance of Smear Tests

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Monroe Hair & Beauty in Southwick have joined a long list of salons that are campaigning to urge the importance of smear tests.

It’s been ten years since reality TV star, Jade Goody lost her fight for life against cervical cancer at just 27 years old, leaving behind her two children along with many other woman out there that are currently going through the same thing.

Lisa Brady, Monroe Hair & Beauty owner, said,

Recently we noticed a campaign to urge women to get their smear test done spreading throughout salons, so we wanted to join in. The last few years have seen a dramatic drop in women having their smear test done, and we would like to reverse this trend. This five minute test may save your life!

Monroe Hair & Beauty is offering a £5 deduction on their salon bill for everyone who can prove they have booked or recently had their smear test. All you have to do is show your text confirmation or appointment reminder.

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