MONTIBELLO unveils TREAT NATURTECH: The First Hair Care Range Based on Tricho.Nutrition

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Recognising that just like the body, hair needs to have all of its nutritional needs covered to remain healthy, Spanish hair care experts MONTIBELLO have unveiled the new TREAT NATURTECH range (RRP from £11.85) - the first ever hair collection based on Tricho.Nutrition Technology, which intelligently transports and releases nutritional elements exactly where they are needed.

Normally a rich and varied diet covers the nutritional needs of our hair, however, the pace of life, eating habits and other factors such as heat styling and environmental factors, can make this more difficult. Thus, after intensive research into hair physiology and its cosmetic application, MONTIBELLO scientists have discovered how to combine the perfect blend of naturally derived active ingredients with the latest technologies to supplement the needs of the hair. The result is a collection comprising of nine ranges, created within the company’s slick new branding which restore the natural health of the hair and provides solutions for a variety of concerns, including colour fade, dryness, frizz, fragility, scalp problems, volume and hair loss.

The TREAT NATURTECH range is based on:

1. Nutritional Elements: six groups of nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, metabolites (a soothing element which forms part of the metabolism of plants) and vitamins have been incorporated to enable hairdressers to topically deliver ingredients which are fundamental for hair health.

2. Variants that Affect the Hair (Polymorphisms): includes genetics (hair type), physical (e.g. styling/drying techniques/use of electrical tools), environmental (climate change) and chemical (e.g. hair colour).

3. Scalp Problems: (irritation/flaking/grease/hair loss)

The Method: To Each, Their Own Tricho Diet

By analysing the nutritional elements lacking, scalp issues, as well as factors such as chemical, physical and environmental aggressors the individual client is exposed to, you can create a Tricho.Nutritional Profile and become an expert in preserving the strength of the scalp and hair. This diagnosis enables you to then select relevant products to compensate for these deficiencies and enhance their hair’s natural beauty.

Boasting a fresh, clean and sleek design, The TREAT NATURTECH products are structured according to varying treatment needs and to the different moments of the salon journey, enabling the way the products are delivered topically to be adapted for each client. There are three steps: Preparing (pre-hair washing, hygiene), Treating (nutrition, deep nutrition, recharge, scalp specific) and Sealing and Finishing Off (moisturisation, hair fibre specific).

Hair Type / Concern Prescription Technology
Coloured TREAT Colour Protect A 5-strong collection with Oil ColourResist (OCR) Technology that provides the utmost colour protection for unlimited shine and splendour.
Dry / Damaged / Dehydrated TREAT Repair Active An Amino-Ceramide System gives restoring care for very dry, damaged or dehydrated hair.
Normal / Fragile / Dehydrated TREAT Keratin Force Four high-performance products formulated with the Biomimetic Complex, which reinforces the resistance of the hair fibre.
Frizzy / Unmanageable TREAT Discipline Shape The Active-Control System gives definition and softness to unmanageable, frizz-prone hair.
Fine TREAT Densi-Volume This exclusive Proteo-Densify System adds volume to reveal hairs’ strength and density.
Greasy Hair / Scalp TREAT Balance Restore A Glyco-Reequilibre System detoxifies and maintains the hairs’ balance.
Sensitive Irritated Scalps TREAT Sensi-Dermo The Glyco Calm System provides Relief and soothing plus restoration of a healthy protective barrier.
Scalp Problems TREAT Pure Scalp A Glyco-Puriphying System helps transform and reveals the natural vitality of the scalp.
Hair Loss TREAT Hair-Loss Control Cryoactive / TREAT Hair-Loss Control Chronos The former contains a Cito-Energy Complex that awakens the scalp and aids hair growth, while the latter has a Dual Stem Cell Complex designed to stimulate the scalp and fight hair-loss of a hereditary origin.


TREAT NATURTECH offers complete flexibility. You can make recommendations according to the range function (e.g. suggesting the Colour Protect line for coloured hair). Alternatively, combine products to address multiple concerns, for example by providing resistance proteins with the Repair Active collection and refreshing metabolites with the Sensi Dermo range, so that hair is repaired whilst soothing the scalp, giving greater versatility.

So if you’re looking to address every client’s concern, opt for the TREAT NATURTECH range. Based on groundbreaking Tricho.Nutrition technology, the new discipline will allow you to truly personalise clients’ hair care regimes by identifying and anticipating unique hair deficiencies then supplementing essential nutritional elements exactly where needed.

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