Nelson Brown Showcases His Talents At The Wella World Studio

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Nelson Brown of browns in Dumfries has been busy showcasing his talents and skills for Wella at their World Studios in London and Manchester.

Nelson, who is a Wella Guest Icon, hosted three education classes, one in London and two in Manchester. The 20th May saw Nelson in London where he taught to a full class of students on the techniques of long, mid-length and short hair dry styling. The class was in real time education, where Nelson created his styles live on a model whilst walking the students through step by step.

A week later Nelson found himself at the Manchester studio where he presented a course on the building blocks of haircutting, shape and how to work with the technique. The two day event was a huge success for all with the students progressing onto more contemporary shapes and styles as the course unfolded.

For more information on Nelson Brown and to find out his up and coming courses, contact the salon on: 01387 249944 or see the browns website for more information:

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