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Are you ready for your mind (and hair) to be blown?

Leading beauty-tech brand, ghd, has reinvented the blow-dry brush and it’s serving 3x more volume with just one, easy to use, tool.

ghd duet blowdry tool in black and white

Introducing the latest breakthrough innovation in hair, new ghd duet blowdry; the first 2-in-1 hair dryer brush that effortlessly transforms wet hair into a luxuriously smooth, voluminous blow-dry finish with no heat damage, 3x more volume, no frizz, and 50% more shine.

Leading scientists & engineers in the ghd R&D labs in Cambridge, UK, have revolutionized the wet-to-dry category once again with new duet blowdry, following the viral success of the ghd duet style 2-in-1 hot air styler which launched last year and has become a ghd best-selling tool.

How can one tool promise perfect blow-dry results with:

  • No frizz,
  • 50% more shine,
  • 3x more volume,
  • And with no heat damage?

The answer is the unrivalled Heat-Air Xchange Technology™ within.

Designed for use on wet hair, ghd duet blowdry is the first tool to use Heat-Air Xchange Technology™ - a pioneering aerodynamic system that harnesses airflow to actively heat the barrel and snag-free bristles - creating salon-worthy blow-dries at home, on all hair types, with absolutely no heat damage and with 40% less energy consumption than a hairdryer and a brush.

This gentle way of drying hair at the optimal low temperature through air flow, surface heat, and snag-free heated bristles locks in your style for an incredible 24 hours, for wet to blow-dried with no heat damage.

Say goodbye to blow-dries as you know them. And hello to duet blowdry!

ghd duet blowdry on a dressing table

Jeroen Temmerman, ghd CEO said, “We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beauty-tech innovation and with the launch of the new ghd duet blowdry we have revolutionised the breakthrough wet-to-dry category once again. Unlike any other blow-dry brush, duet blowdry has pioneering technology at its core, for perfect blow-dry results from wet hair, with no heat damage and 40% less energy consumption than a hairdryer and a brush. This is the future of blow-dries and will deliver better hair days around the world.”

Heat-Air Xchange Technology™

ghd has mastered and perfected heat styling technologies over the past 22 years. In the ghd R&D labs in Cambridge, scientists and engineers have developed the latest breakthrough innovation in beauty-tech, set to revolutionise blow-dries; Heat-Air Xchange Technology™.

2-in-1 Hairdryer Brush

Wet to blow-dried in one tool. Streamline your routine by drying and adding shape to your hair simultaneously, giving you the fastest way to salon blow-dry at home.

  • Snag-free heated bristles: Precisely configured to glide through your hair effortlessly, without tangling.
  • Elliptical shaped heated barrel plate: Shaped to easily create volume and get close to the root.
  • Controlled airflow: Air gently dries the hair through carefully positioned vents for a flyaway-free and no frizz finish.

Heat-Air Xchange Technology™

  • Unique aerodynamic system: Heat exchanger converts the energy from the air to actively heat the elliptical barrel and snag-free bristles.
  • No heat damage: Optimised for wet hair, temperatures sensed 400 times per second, maintaining the optimum low temperature for styling wet hair with no heat damage.
  • Energy efficient drying: Consumes 40% less energy than a hairdryer.


  • Powerful ultra-compact brushless digital motor: Propels airflow steadily through the heater at conversation friendly sound levels.
Up to 40% Less Energy Consumption

ghd are constantly optimising products, not only to make hairstyling routines easier, but also to reduce overall energy consumption and minimise energy waste. The results? Multi-functional tools that reduce energy consumption with every stroke; duet blowdry uses 40% less energy than a hairdryer and a brush.

Dr Rob Milner, ghd CTO said, "Following five years of research at the dedicated ghd R&D labs in Cambridge, we have utilised our knowledge of hair science to create the breakthrough Heat-Air Xchange Technology™ in duet blowdry. Combining optimal air flow, surface heat and heated bristles, the superior tech in duet blowdry enables this one tool to deliver superior results - the perfect blow-dry finish, from wet, with no heat damage."

ghd duet blowdry in black with ghd volume forever product
Power Couple!

Developed to work in perfect harmony with the new ghd duet blowdry, the new ghd volume forever (RRP £24 / €27) is a blow-dry cream featuring advanced ghd heat protection system for added heat protection when styling. Providing an invisible and lightweight thermal protective layer to give confidence when styling with heat, ghd volume forever will also maximise the volume from duet blowdry, providing up to 4x more volume for the perfect bouncy blow-dry look.

4 easy steps for the perfect blow-dry…
  • WET: Hair is towel dry and tangle free before use. Add ghd volume forever blowdry cream through the hair.
  • DRY: Loosely dry hair with ghd duet blowdry by brushing hair, until mostly dry.
  • VOLUME: Hold ghd duet blowdry underneath the section for 3 seconds. Lift the tool up and away from the head for that sky high volume.
  • SHAPE: To finish with some shape, roll and glide ghd duet blowdry at the ends of hair, to create that salon style blow-dry.

New ghd duet blowdry is available in black and white (RRP £379 / €399) in the best salons, premium department stores and

ghd duet blowdry in black and white

*No themal hair damage detected after 100 cycles of 4 passes on thoroughly towel-dried hair.
*Consumer testing, 148 women, July 2023.
*Technical testing vs. naturally dried hair, dependent on consumer use.
*Technical test in a lab on brunette hair, measured vs. naturally dried hair.
*Vs. ghd hairdryer with a brush, dependent on consumer use.
*When used with ghd duet blowdry, vs. naturally dried hair.