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Introducing Eufora Hero for Men’s brand-new moisturising black charcoal regimen.

This new duo, which consists of a Black Clay Shampoo and Exfoliating Treatment, are sure to be heroes for men who suffer from dry, itchy and flaky scalps. Just like the existing products in the Hero for Men range, these new products contain the Eufora exclusive ProAmino Peptide Complex to soothe irritation, strengthen and condition the hair and scalp. This clever complex also helps to block 5-alpha reductase enzyme and testosterone, preventing DHT production which can lead to premature hair loss.

Black Clay Shampoo

The first step in this moisturising routine, Black Clay Shampoo contains five key ingredients to help hydrate, soothe scalp irritation and reduce flaking. Kaolin Black Clay provides an elevated concentration of Mineral Salts to help soothe irritation, itching and flaking while Rosebay Extract reduces sebum production on the scalp. Aloe Vera provides important nutrients and essential amino acids alongside the anti-inflammatory benefits of Licorice Root Extract. Finally, Coenzyme Q10 completes the all-round care by providing powerful antioxidant protection against harmful free-radicals and environmental factors.

(300ml RRP £22.50, 60ml RRP £8.00)

Exfoliating Treatment

The regime is completed by Eufora Hero for Men’s Exfoliating Treatment, which gently exfoliates the scalp to soothe irritation and reduce flaking. Containing the Kaolin Black Clay, Rosebay Extract, Licorice Root Extract and Coenzyme Q10 found in the Black Clay Shampoo, this exfoliating treatment also features finely milled charcoal which provides gentle exfoliation and Panthenol for moisture, strength and shine. Peppermint, Menthol and Camphor are also on hand to help stimulate the scalp and provide a cooling sensation.

(180ml RRP £24, 60ml RRP £8.95)

As a brand, Eufora are committed to the planet and ingredients must meet rigorous standards in formulation, utilising Certified Organic Aloe along with nearly 75 natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable. Eufora never uses mineral oil or artificially created colourants, and fragrances are naturally derived.

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