Oh GHTree, oh GHTree…

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While many people are wishing for ghd’s under the Christmas tree, British salon-owner Daren Terry has taken his love for ghd one step further and created the ‘GHTree’.

Made entirely from ghd stylers and hairdryers, Daren spent two days working on this iconic installation and used 350 pieces of ghd equipment. Displayed in his salon, Lotus Styling in Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis, the tree has caught the attention of ghd fans, some of whom have requested to purchase the GHTree.

After receiving a request to purchase the creation, Daren says he is considering what to do with his piece once the festive celebrations have been and gone. He said,

I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do and spoke to the kind folk at ghd who sent me lots of stylers and hair dryers from the ghd archives to let me get on with it. But I had no idea it would turn out quite how it has and we are delighted with how impactful it is to the eye. The GHTree has already attracted an offer from someone, but we are keeping it for the time being. We may well auction it for charity. It is very, very heavy and took me the best part of two days to complete. Overall I am very pleased with the GHTree!

For ghd fans who are lusting after the GHTree, why not decorate your classic tree with ghd’s new Christmas Baubles instead. After all, chic copper baubles with mini ghd hair treats inside are as pretty as any decorations we can think of. However, we can't promise these pressies will still be hanging on the tree come Christmas Day…

ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Bauble - £15: Celebrate Christmas with gorgeous glossy hair thanks to the ghd advanced split end therapy treatment. This luxurious wonder treatment works instantly to fortify ends, leaving hair feeling sleek, smooth and super shiny.

ghd Smooth & Finish Serum Bauble - £15: Your Christmas party-hair essential. Add instant shine and smoothness to straight styles, tame and define curls and waves or tackle flyaway hairs, with this must-have moisturising serum.

Or for the ultimate ghd gift to go under the tree, choose the ghd platinum® styler premium gift set, £175: Giving you the best styling results and proven to reduce hair breakage by over 50% and increase shine by 20%, the innovative ghd platinum® styler is now available in new limited edition copper luxe for Christmas and comes complete with a heat-resistant bag and two limited edition Nails Inc nail polishes.

Please remember, ghd’s are for life, not just for Christmas.

Disclaimer: No ghd’s were hurt in the making of the GHTree. ghd prototypes were used for this installation.

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