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Simon Webster Hair Team is proud to announce that they are one of the first salons in the UK to become an official Olaplex salon, using this revolutionary new technology to protect your hair.

Go blonder; go straighter, without compromising the integrity and condition of your hair. Olaplex is a product that is added to your usual colour or high-lift services, allowing the hair to go lighter without the risk of breakage. Similarly in relaxer services, the formula helps protect the condition of the hair during and after the straightening process.

Olaplex actually revitalises and replenishes the bonds within the hair that traditional colouring or relaxing breaks down. Until now, these bonds were irreversibly damaged once broken, through the repeated use of chemicals, colour and bleach on the hair.

This three-step service add-on has taken the US by storm, most famously after Kim Kardashian dramatically lifted her dark tresses to blonde in one service, without any apparent damage to the hair. Since then, Olaplex has swept America’s top salons and is only just breaking into the UK market. SWH are one of the very first salons to take it on in the UK, the first outside of London, and are excited to be able to offer it to all their colour clients.

For more information, or to book your appointment with Simon Webster Hair, call 01273 605 577.

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