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As modern trends turn away from hyper-polished looks to embrace a more individual attitude, high-maintenance routines are being left behind. Today’s long hair clients want an effortless, natural look with texture and movement that’s also easily achievable at home; plus, in our fast-paced lives, they want it quickly!

Schwarzkopf Professional answers the need for effortless looks with texture and movement with the launch of four new long hair texture styling products from OSiS+. The super-light and ultra-dry formulas offer instant texture and volume while providing your hair with a natural feel and shine.

Innovative Friction Styling Technology

Thanks to Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range provides a new era of texture styling control. Every product in the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range is designed to hold hair beautifully, with natural movement and volume and gives a distinct texture to the hair. The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture micro-raw particles adhere to the hair fibre for a uniquely special effect; the particles become entangled when manipulated into the hair to create a non-sticky hold with incredible texture that can be reactivated whenever needed. The innovative Friction Styling Technology promotes lightweight texture, volume and root-lift.

OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Range Overview

Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range provides super-lightweight products for dry texture styling that deliver weightless performance with easy handling - every time.

OSiS+ Texture Craft Dry Texture Spray (300ml £13.15/ €14.50)

An invisible, dry texturising spray with the power to create, shape and define volume and texture without compromising on natural feel and shine.

  • Builds volume with dry, tousled texture
  • Maintains natural feel and shine
  • No visible residue or crispy hair feeling
  • Non-overburdening
  • Superfine mist for even application
  • Hero Ingredient: Silica for instant, non-sticky texture
OSiS+ Soft Dust Soft Volumising Powder (10g £13.50/ €15.00)

The powder formulation with encapsulated coconut extract and sea salt for instant volume and root lift plus a moisturised, soft-to-touch feeling.

  • Instant root lift and volume with soft texture
  • Natural movement and subtle wavy texture
  • Moisturised hair feeling with a natural finish
  • Gentle grip for effortless up-dos and easy braiding
  • Hero Ingredients: Formulated with coconut extract and sea salt for incredible texture, root lift and a moisturised feeling without stickiness
OSiS+ Fresh Texture Dry Shampoo Foam (200ml £13.15/ €14.50)

Perfect prep for textured looks. A cleansing foam infused with seven herbs that treats a normal to greasy scalp to deliver root lift and reactivate volume without the need for shampooing.

  • Thoroughly cleanses and refreshes hair without the need for shampooing
  • Adds instant volume and fullness
  • No visible residue
  • Moisturising benefits
  • Free-from sulphate surfactants
  • Hero Ingredients: A blend of seven herbs for a clean hair feeling and modified rice starch for its oil absorbing properties
OSiS+ Soft Texture Dry Conditioner (300ml £13.15/ €14.50)

A multi-talented dry beautifier that detangles the hair giving it a velvety shine and fights against frizz.

  • Detangles for easy combing
  • Subtle texturising effect with natural movement
  • Moisturising benefit
  • Anti-pollution properties
  • Revives dull lengths and ends with a velvety shine finish
  • Non-overburdening
  • Silicone-free formula
  • Hero Ingredient: Hydrogenated Olive Oil for flawless, smooth hair without overburdening
OSiS+ Long Hair Texture - Education, Online and Digital

Further product information and education opportunities can be found on the official Schwarzkopf Professional website: www.schwarzkopfpro.com. Don't forget to follow @schwarzkopfprouk on social media and keep up with OSiS+ via the #OSiSlongtexture, #OSiSTexturedHair and #OSiStexture hashtags.

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