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Time Bomb’s Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue (£39/40ml) has been formulated to visibly address the impact of UV exposure with clinically-proven, heavy-duty anti-oxidants and deep emollients.

Time Bomb's Brand Ambassador and Skincare Expert Michaella Bolder says,

We've all been guilty of catching a few too many rays during the summer months, myself included! However, with sun damage being the biggest contributor to premature ageing (with estimations of 80% of wrinkles being caused by UV exposure), NOW is the time to combat the damaging effects sun exposure has on our skin with the breakthrough formula from Time Bomb....

This is the first skincare formula ever to harness the power of Omega9XEster, a vegetable-derived emollient repurposed from saddle manufacturers who use it to maintain and restore leather to a smooth, supple texture.  So cleverly using the same principle, Omega9XEster penetrates the skin's top layers to counteract the dry, rough, rigid, leathery texture associated with photo damage.

Over-Exposed also contains a proprietary bioactive Milk Peptide Complex to help kick-start skin into natural repair mode, encouraging production of hyaluronic acid and healthy collagen fibres to keep skin full, firm and smooth.

And if this was not enough, high levels of anti-oxidant Pycnogenol® will help inhibit the impact of UV rays and lower skin pigment intensity, so skin tone appears more even.

Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue costs £39 for 40ml and is available from timebombco.com and QVC

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