Paul Phillips of Chopp Showcases at MHD Asian Launch

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The launch of MyHairDressers (MHD) at 8th Asian Hairdresser Festival in Shanghai, China proved a phenomenal success with a stage invasion leading to extra security and teaching workshops mobbed.

The launch, which took place this week, was also the inaugural event for the newly appointed MHD Global Show TeamStacey BroughtonSteve Turner and Paul Phillips; supported by MHD CEO Mark Butcher and MHD China’s Suiki Lor, Gary Woo and the team at the Debut Academy. Stacey Broughton and Steve Turner worked tirelessly, prepping over 20 models with the team at Debut Academy to showcase work influenced and inspired by that on the MHD website. It proved to be the busiest stage at the event and was ambushed by the crowd resulting in 12 security guards being called in and a three-foot steel barricade erected to ensure the safety of the on-stage team! 

Meanwhile in a separate classroom adjacent to the stand, Paul Phillips of Chopp worked with over 100 students throughout the event and did an amazing job showcasing the power of MHD’s revolutionary teaching system 'See-Do-Stop-Check' – the power is in the pause.

Mark Butcher said,

I’m completely overwhelmed by the reaction to MHD in China. It’s an honour to bridge the hairdressing education gap between East and West and to launch the world’s largest online hairdressing education site to the most powerful country on the planet! I owe a huge thank you to MHD COO Jo Lincoln who has worked tirelessly with the team in China for the last two years to bring this to fruition and also Tim Hartley and Dove Palmer, who supported us at the launch.

Suiki Lor added,

We could not have envisaged better results from a team who were working together as one for the very first time – and so it can only get better. The audience here adored everything we offered from MHD China and we attracted crowds second only to the main stage, which was about 20 times bigger than our stand!

I have to say thanks to our team in China who worked so hard during the event, before and after: my assistants Inam Yong, Eric Wong and Yao Yao, our MHD China ground team member Aric Z. Ding who doubled as translator for Stacey and Steve, and our regular translator Azure Liu who translated for Paul during the See-Do-Stop-Check sessions. All worked so hard with lots of enthusiasm and without any breaks! 

Also to Miao Weichang, who worked along with our helpers TianHau, Xiao Qi, our Technology consultant Zhou Zhong, who was there to troubleshoot logon/subscribe issues, Peter and Thomas Wang from Wakeup – who is the current Wella TrendVision Word Champion; staff from the Debut Academy and finally, Hiki Wang and Wallis Wang from

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