Presenting Your Way to Success

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Presenting is a core skill for hairdressers and who better than Edward Hemmings to work on an intensive Fellowship Presentation Skills workshop to face and combat presenting demons?

Presenting can be a scary prospect for so many hairdressers. It can feel unnatural and unnerving, but it’s an essential skill for someone wanting to progress in the industry and make a name for themselves. That’s why the Fellowship’s Presentation Skills workshops are so important and valuable for our members, commented Edward.

From how to deliver a great presentation, to the big do’s and don’ts, our presentation-guru Edward taught these Fellowship members everything they needed to know. After plenty of guidance and encouragement, the members presented to each other and, in doing so, perfected their delivery and content and left the workshop a much-improved presenter.

As ever, it was an emotional journey with the group! However, by the end of the day, everyone had made accomplished with huge improvements in confidence and style, says Edward.

Edward’s top three presenting tips:
  1. Do prepare as much as you possibly can
  2. Do what you can to be as comfortable as possible
  3. Remember your name and where you’re from and your brain will do the rest!

The next presentation skills workshop is on October 2nd 2017.

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