Project X Create Wigs with Sam Burnett

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The Project X Team was with Sam Burnett at The Goldwell Academy on Thursday 16th May for an insight into session styling.

The day began with an opportunity to hear about Sam’s incredible career, including his background with Rush and his current role with Hare & Bone. He shared lots of personal stories and advice on how to develop within the industry, which was a real eye-opener for The Project X Team.

Sam has a passion for session work, demonstrating his skills through a variety of wigs. It was incredible to see how a basic wig can be modified to create something entirely different for catwalk and shoot looks. He also showcased how adding a simple fringe can transform a long hairstyle into a whole new look, making it a perfect addition to any session kit.

After lunch The Project X Team presented their mood boards, which had been prepared prior to the day. Each mood board had been created using wigs as their inspiration, allowing everyone to individually develop their knowledge in this aspect of hairdressing. This was an ideal preparation for the afternoon workshop where in pairs they created their very own wigs with stunning results.

Ashleigh Hodges, Project X Leader, said,

It was an amazing day and everyone was fantastic. It was great to see how well they have bonded as a team and they do work very well as a team. Sam Burnett was really inspiring and he took the time to provide lots of tips throughout the day.

Next month is the team’s photo shoot with Errol Douglas MBE, so this was a great opportunity to prepare some wigs for the shoot.

Hannah Belfield, John Belfield International, said,

The Project X Team had a fantastic day working with Sam Burnett. Our imagination was running wild with creativity. His wig making skills are fantastic and opened my eyes to a different skill in this industry. Thank you Fellowship for this opportunity.

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