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The second PROJECT: X mentoring day of the year took place during London Fashion Week, making it the perfect time to learn more about the art and craft of session styling from not one, but two experts in the field.

The day started with a session from Paul Jones. After sharing his own session work and career story, Paul showcased two of his failsafe styling techniques and his tips for creating the always popular and deceptively difficult, perfect catwalk ponytail. In the afternoon, Leigh Keates took over to share another side of session styling and demonstrated two more techniques to the team, inspired by his most recent show work.

For the team, the day was an insightful look into the world of session work – both how to get involved in the first place, and how to master techniques once you’ve secured the work. Team member, Alice Harvey said:

I’m taking away two main things. One, to get a session kit prepared and two, to create opportunities by putting myself out there, being available, leaving my ego at the door and assisting.

For Pamela Cooney, the technical skills were a key takeaway:

Paul showed us how to create a strong base with ponytails, which can then be turned into a variety of quick, fashion-forward hair ups. I’ll be doing them on all of my clients! I would say this is one of the most insightful days I’ve ever had in my career.

PROJECT: X Team 2020
  • India Sparacia, Sculpture Salon
  • Sophie Titchener, Sarai Hair & Beauty
  • Emma Vickery, SACO Hair
  • Alice Harvey, Lily’s
  • Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair Salon
  • Olivia Miles, Hobson and Holmes
  • Verity Ollerenshaw, Tint
  • CC McNamee, Andrew Smith Salons
  • Pamela Cooney, Toni & Guy
  • April Mash, Strangeways
  • Emma Simmons, Salon 54
  • Stephen Smith, Ken Picton Salon

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