Project X Spend the Day with the Hare & Bone Artistic Team

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It was a day of all round education when the Fellowship’s Project X team spent the day with Hare & Bone artistic team members Jamie Benny, Amelia Evans, and Jose Domene.

The team, who are all former members of the F.A.M.E. Team, shared their Philosophy Tech-Trilogy of all round approach to hair including cutting, colouring, and editorial styling. The team, along with Project X team leader and Hare & Bone owner Sam Burnett, shared simple styling techniques, as well as cutting and colouring techniques to take back to the salon and use on shoots and shows.

Lauren Grace commented:

The Hare & Bone artistic team took us through four editorial looks and two colours. They broke the techniques down in a way that was so easy to understand and could easily be implemented into our own work. As well as this they showed us ways to easily spice up our work to make a look completely different with just a few tweaks. Then it was our turn to put into practice what we had learnt. The best part about the day was that the skills were so transferable, I know I will use these skills in the salon, when doing bridal work and at fashion week.

PROJECT: X Team Leader:  Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:

  • Tanahya Nash – Bebop
  • Sian Roscoe – Sian Roscoe Hair
  • Edd Moss – Headmasters
  • Miles Twist – Architect Hair
  • Justine Weir – Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressing
  • Christopher Donohue – Billi Currie
  • Lauren Oram – Matthew Curtis Hair
  • Cameron Willetts – Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing
  • Sam Arnold – Strangeways
  • Kenneth McLeod – My Two
  • Lee Patrick Devlin – Blue Tit
  • Idalina Domingos – DK UK

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