Project X Team Gets Conceptual with Robert Masciave

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Robert Masciave is renowned as one of hairdressing’s most accomplished avant-garde artists, with a unique approach to hairdressing that is fuelled by a truly creative mindset.

It was this innovative insight into hairdressing that the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project X team had the chance to tap into, on their recent mentoring day with Robert.

Ahead of the day, the team were briefed to research tribes. Robert set them the task of mood boarding their own take on a tribe of their choosing, encouraging them to think outside of the box and not be too literal with their response. As well as creating a mood board of research, he also asked them to plan a look, which they would create on the day.

During their mentor day, Robert showed off work from his own avant-garde collections, demonstrating how he brings those looks to life in the hair. He explained the importance of telling a story through hair, and how important research is for getting a message and concept across.

After this demonstration, it was over to the Project X team to present their own research and mood boards. Inspirations ranged from girl gangs to natural influences, demonstrating the breadth of ideas available from a simple starting point, and the power of researching beyond the norm.

After talking through their ideas, the team got hands on and created their looks on models and head blocks, getting the chance to be mentored through each step with the expert help of Robert.

Team member Ben Brazzo from Malcolm Tina Barker salon, says:

Learning about the creative process was the most important part of the day for me. I learnt that creativity is just the beginning, and that development is key - being able to take an idea and translate it into hair is a whole separate skill, and something which I discovered a lot more about today.

Poonam Mehmi from Rush Hair & Beauty agrees, adding:

I learnt so much about how mood boards have to tell a story, and that your story should then be told in the hair you produce. Robert is an amazing hairdresser and it was amazing to receive in-depth knowledge about how he creates his amazing looks. Thank you so much Kai and Robert for a perfect day of learning.

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