Project X with Ashleigh Hodges

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Avant-garde was the focus of Project X’s most recent workshop, led by one of the industry’s most up-and-coming names, Ashleigh Hodges. The team came together at the Alan d Academy in London, ready to let their creativity run wild and work on something a little different to their average client cut.

Prior to the day, Ashleigh requested that every member of the team choose something that inspires them from the natural world, and explore how they would develop this into a hair collection. With their ideas alight, the team presented their ideas and Ashleigh demonstrated the foundations of how to approach creative hair craft and how to bring their concepts to life. The workshop was a complete creative session for the team to create their own hair pieces and to play with hair, working with it as a pure fabric.

I’ve always loved creating things, said Ashleigh, Avant-garde makes you really think and work with hair differently. I think a lot of people think avant-garde is big, over-the-top hair pieces, but in reality it’s anything out of the ordinary that makes you think and evokes an emotion. It’s truly the art side of the hair world and the hairstyles that you probably wouldn’t see walking down the road with!

The team spent the afternoon working synthetic hair, paints and materials such as plastic and wool into their avant-garde inspired styles. When explaining where her inspiration comes from, Ashleigh said that she looks towards the natural world for inspiration and has previously found hair work and collection ideas in decay and the ocean.

Ashleigh said,

I had the best day with the Project X team. They are so enthusiastic and a fantastic representation of the future of the Fellowship. I think I enjoyed it as much as the team did – it’s so nice to step out of our day-to-day work and just play with hair! It’s a good reminder for us of why we love what we do.

Project X team member Ryan Steedman from Percy & Reed said,

Working with Ashleigh Hodges was an amazing experience. She shared an insight into her avant-garde pieces and knowledge, showing us that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make our ideas a reality – you just need to invest time to create your pieces.

Photography by Alice North

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