Project X with Edward Hemmings

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Presenting can be incredibly daunting, and on Monday 6th February the Project X Team was with Edward Hemmings to ensure they turned any nerves into confidence with his top tips and education.

The morning started with everyone looking at all the elements that make up a presentation. These were divided into two categories, which enabled the Project X Team to look at those that are organised externally and those that are organised by the presenter. By being able to break down contributing factors, such as audience, venue, appearance and content into these two aspects, the Project X Team were able to see the importance of preparation.

After lunch each member took to the centre of the room to present their two minute presentation, which Edward was able to provide extensive feedback on. His critique gave lots of hints and tips, so when it came to re-presenting everyone had enhanced their confidence and the transformation was rewarding for everyone involved.

Edward Hemmings, Business Education Manager, said,

This was the second day the Project X Team has come together and it was fantastic to be able to share with them lots of tips on how to make the most out of presenting on stage. It can be hard to ignore nerves, but with good preparation they can make sure they showcase their skills with confidence. We had a fantastic day and they are a brilliant Team.

Photography: Alice North

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