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Rainbow Room International Annual Congress

Rainbow Room International were thrilled to gather all their salons for their 35th Annual Congress, which was held at Glasgow venue, Òran Mór, for the second year running.

The Rainbow Room International Annual Congress gathers all Director’s and salon teams from Rainbow Room International’s 11 salons to award the hard work and dedication to their craft of team members with the Self Improvement award for stylists who have improved significantly from the previous year and Commendation Awards based on stylists’ number of total clients, converts and treatments such as styling and technical. Awards are also provided for those who have excelled with their social media content and for two of the most sought after awards Fantastic Hairdresser and Salon Team of the Year. 

The evening started with a champagne reception and salon team photographs before a delicious dinner with wine was served ahead of the anticipated awards ceremony.

Following dinner, Alan Stewart, Co-Founder of Rainbow Room International with Linda Stewart, took to the stage to thank everyone for coming and for their hard work and dedication to the brand over the past year. Alan mentioned that this year it was a challenging decision for the judges to decide the award winners, with all entries being of an extremely high standard.

Following the awards, the night ended with live music from the band Groove Supply (led by Breck Stewart – Alan and Linda Stewart’s son) and all salon teams dancing the night away celebrating their successes and looking forward to another prosperous year in 2024.

Commenting on the night, Co-Founders of Rainbow Room International Alan and Linda Stewart, said, “Our Annual Congress was a fantastic evening – it’s great to get all our teams together and see such a magical team spirit. The concept of our awards scheme is based on two cultures of success, the western culture where awards are presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and the eastern culture of Kaizen (a Japanese word for continuous improvement). We believe that each member of our team is special and deserves their own recognition of success. As teachers and coaches, our job is to constantly reaffirm that we should not fear failures along the way and try to ensure that encouragement is always given to individual members. One of our great rewards in the industry is to see a constant intake of school leavers join our team, with their dreams big, shiny, and bright. It re-energises us to watch their progress. Helping them grow and achieve their ambitions is the measure of our success.”

And the winners are:

Graduation from the Academy 2023
  • Alana Robertson, Howard Street
  • Erin Halden, Crow Road   
  • Kaci-Olivia Fletcher, Buchanan Street
  • Jordan-Rachel Murdoch, George Square
  • Lily-Sarah Lamb, Great Western Road
  • Ellie Addison, East Kilbride
  • Mischa Marshall, Clarkston
Bronze Commendation Awards
Total Styling
  • Brody – Craig Gibson, Clarkston                                                                
Total Clients
  • Jodie Hall, Bearsden
Total Treatments
  • Jacqueline Curran, East Kilbride/Ayr
Total Converts
  • Saskia-Sarah Vinestock, Clarkston
Silver Commendation Awards
Total Clients
  • Brody Gibson, Clarkston
Total Treatments
  • Lisa Maguire, East Kilbride
Total Technical
  • Diana Carson, Uddingston                           
Total Converts
  • Jodie Hall, Bearsden
Total Styling
  • Saskia- Sarah Vinestock, Clarkston
Gold Commendation Awards
Newcomer of 2023
  • Archie-Wing Tat Lam, Uddingston
  • Sof Kinloch, George Square
Part Time Stylist 2023
  • Bronze – Jacqueline Curran, East Kilbride/Ayr
  • Silver - Joy Ross, Buchanan Street 
  • Gold - Pamela Wallace, Buchanan Street
Total Treatments
  • Sarah - Allison McFarlane, Royal Exchange Square
Gold Commendation Awards 2024
Total Styling
  • Leah Watt, Uddingston
Total Treatments
  • Joy Ross, Buchanan Street
Total Client Care
  • Chrissy Wright, Buchanan Street
Total Technical
  • Jodie Hall, Bearsden
Total Converts
  • Diana Carson, Uddingston
Self Improvement During 2023
  • Holly Menzies, East Kilbride
  • Anna MacIntyre, Bearsden
  • Chrissy Wright, Buchanan Street
  • Becca-Sophie Jack, Great Western Road
Self Improvement 2022 to 2023
  • Sierra- Sophie O’Brien, Crow Road
  • Amber Hughes, Buchanan Street
  • Renee Jamieson, Buchanan Street
  • Aimie Doak, Buchanan Street
  • Joy Ross, Buchanan Street
  • Paige Pryce-Anderson, Royal Exchange Sq
  • Naomi Hill, Royal Exchange Sq
  • Keeva Ware, Royal Exchange Sq
  • Sophie Alexander, Royal Exchange Sq
  • Lisa Maguire, East Kilbride
  • Meg- Megan Boyle, George Square
  • Courtney Murray, George Square
  • Leah Watt, Uddingston
  • Brody – Craig Gibson, Clarkston
  • Rhona Lopez, Ayr
  • Jaqueline Curran, East Kilbride/Ayr
  • Robbie Lyons, Howard Street
  • Julie Cameron, Beauty at Royal Exchange Sq
  • Danielle Robin, Beauty at Royal Exchange Sq
  • Sarah - Allison McFarlane, Beauty at Royal Exchange Sq
  • Lucy Foy, Beauty at Royal Exchange Sq
  • Alison Grey, Beauty at Royal Exchange Sq
Self Improvement during 2023 and 2022 to 2023
  • Jack Mackle, George Square
  • Saskia – Sarah Vinestock, Clarkston
  • Adele Quinn, Clarkston
  • Izabela Lopaciuk, Ayr
  • Caitlin Wright, Howard Street
Outstanding Self Improvement
  • Heather  McDannels, Clarkston
  • Carla Phillips, George Square
Assistant of the Year Level 2
  • Erin MacMillan
Assistant of the Year Level 3
  • Hayleigh McDowel
Maintaining “A” Rating through 2023
  • The team at Howard Street
 Best Promotion Video
  • Carla Phillips
Reception Team of the Year                      
  • Uddingston
Trainer of the year
  • Nicole Ross
Photographic Image 
  • Diana Carson
  • Jack Mackle
Photographic Team Collection
  • Uddingston
Social Media Image 
  • Amber Huges   
Stylist Social Media Award
  • Carla Phillips
  • Jordan-Rachel Murdoch
Salon Social Media Award   
  • George Square
Fantastic Hairdresser of the Year
  • Rachael McDonald
Salon Team of the Year
  • Buchanan Street