R+Co’s Winter 2016 Offering

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R+Co unveil their newest products coming this winter...

R+Co CACTUS Texturizing Shampoo RRP £20.95 (117ml / 6 fl oz)

Texture is a beautiful thing – in nature and in hair – but sometimes it can take a journey to find it. CACTUS Texturizing Shampoo makes it easy. A blend of texture-building particles bring out the hair’s natural wave and personality while providing grit and grip for a more manageable, easy-to- style mane. CACTUS is good for no-fuss, amazing-looking textured hair, straight out of the shower.

R+Co GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray RRP £22.95 (193 ml / 5 fl oz)

Sometimes you want things to go according to plan. Whether that plan is control, body or volume, GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray can help you stay the course. This lightweight setting spray adds style memory to lay the foundation for long-lasting blow-outs or curling iron sets, protects from heat, and keeps frizz and flyaways locked out.

R+Co HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Crème RRP £22.95 (147 ml / 5 fl oz)

Plunge into deep hydration and reflective shine with HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Crème. Formulated to smooth and seal the hair, it moisturises, softens and drowns out frizz. HIGH DIVE is good for styles that favour moisture over hold, and smooth-textured looks.

R+Co PALM SPRINGS Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask RRP £22.95 (164ml/5 fl oz)

If your hair is worn out from heat-styling, colouring or chemical processing, send it on a weekly getaway to an oasis of repair with PALM SPRINGS Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask. A soothing cocktail of oils, butters and extracts deep condition, strengthen, and add tons of shine to help hair look and feel well-rested and ready to go back to the grind. PALM SPRINGS is good for damaged or dull hair that needs a bit of a recharge. It will soften and give shine to all hair types.

Available: 1st November 2016

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