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Get ready for smooth, straight hair in minutes, all with the stroke of a brush.

The most innovative styling tool since styling Irons, DAFNI, the original ceramic straightening brush, and fastest way to take hair from beast to beauty without spending hours getting that perfect finish.

Having taken the YouTube beauty scene by storm, (100 million hits in America), this innovative hair straightening brush incorporates the most advanced haircare technologies to ensure easy, safe and fast results, giving you a salon smooth finish in minutes.

Its unique and intuitive 3D ceramic surface heats up to 185˚C / 365˚F and is wider than a traditional straightener, allowing you to tackle large strands of hair with each brushstroke, all whilst protecting hair and minimising damage - dramatically reducing the time it takes to straighten hair by up to ten times!

There’s no need to section, clip or pin hair, simply run the brush through and see the hair transform in seconds.

Suitable for all hair types, say goodbye to hours spent perfecting hair and get a long lasting, smooth finish with incredible shine in minutes.

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