Repair Rescue... Now Even Stronger!

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How many of your clients wish they could turn back the clock and repair their damaged hair? Well now they can with the new BC Repair Rescue by Schwarzkopf Professional.

The hair sins of too much heat, frequent colouring, and straightening or perming are now forgiven thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional. Repairing the hair from within at a cellular level, this reformulated range uses all-new Reversilane and Cell Perfector technology to turn back the clock an incredible three years!

Now for the science bit: when hair becomes badly damaged, the outer layer (cuticle) becomes rough. Especially severe damage can cause the inner structure (cortex) of the hair to break, which creates gaps in the hair. The result is that the hair loses its strength, elasticity and shine. At this point, hair care products that only adhere to the outer layer of the hair are no longer enough. BC Repair Rescue goes a step further by replenishing the inner structure of the hair, meaning damage caused in the last one to three years can be repaired with just one application. In addition, the new Reversilane technology seals individual hair strands with anti-hair breakage protection, leaving hair instantly strengthened and repaired with renewed elasticity and shine.

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