RevAir - Blow Your Mind, Not Your Hair!

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We wish there were more hours in the day, so why not take some off your styling time. Dry even the curliest hair straight in a fraction of the time of your usual blow-dry with the new RevAir and its innovative reverse-air suction technology.

Featuring seven levels of reverse-air speed, choices of high, low and no heat (for cold shot), and clinically proven to work three times faster, RevAir is designed for all hair types.

Launched in the US in June 2018, RevAir has become the must have product for those who put a premium on wanting gorgeous hair, just like Cardi B, whose stylist, Sandrine Diah was spotted using RevAir to prepare Cardi for the first night of her American tour in Syracuse, New York. Cardi B's first tour look featured long dark bubble pigtails with bright pink lowlights, dried and straightened using the RevAir.

RevAir’s innovative reverse-air technology uses suction to dry hair in a way far superior to blow-drying. Heat is pulled inward, not blown out, providing a more pleasant, cooler experience. Surface water is pulled away allowing the heat to work more quickly and effectively. Plus, using 50% less energy than conventional blow-drying, RevAir is not only faster, healthier and easier, but greener too.

RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer £359.00, available at

Cardi B image: Instagram @tressesxsandrine

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