Say Goodbye to Dreaded Roots!

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Is root growth getting you down? Does the sight of a pesky grey leave you in a state of panic? Have you run out of time to get your colour done? Organic Colour Systems recognise all these struggles and have introduced a new natural colour retouch product for the hair - RootRemedy.

Be it a last-minute meeting at work or an unexpected invite to a social gathering, you will never feel unprepared again with this colour retouch product. A few quick bursts of the natural, lightweight, and vegan friendly colour retouch will have you looking as though you have just stepped out of the salon.

RootRemedy’s easy to use root applicator offers a quick fix root touch up on the go, with no mess, no fuss, and no greys! Just shake, spray and blend away.

Organic Colour Systems RootRemedy washes away in just one shampoo and is available in three shades: Black, Dark Brown and Medium Brown. It is the natural beauty quick fix you have been waiting for! #ocsrootremedy

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