Scentered Balmy Baubles and Travel Gift Sets

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Spread some festive joy – and calm – with these beautiful Christmas Balm Baubles from Scentered. Twist and turn to reveal a Scentered 100% natural, fragrance therapy balm at the core of each orb. Each of the four balms is designed to help busy people cope with the challenges of modern day living and achieve their best at all times – even at Christmas!

Invite friends and family to follow the ritual:

  • STOP: apply to pulse points
  • INHALE: deeply
  • RESET: your mood

and all their Christmases will be calmer, and their New Year Resolutions will be better achieved.

Made from therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals, chosen for both their proven aromatherapy based wellbeing benefits and their fine fragrances, each of the balms helps positively address a particular lifestyle challenge; sleep, fatigue, stress, anxiety, grief, relaxation and motivation.

Fully portable with a handy twist up stick for an on-the-go remedy, these balms can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and lifestyle support ‘tool kit’. Developed with leading British perfumers, each fragrance contains up to 25 essential oils and botanicals, and has been professionally blended to deliver a uniquely glorious natural perfume.

Stress Less - A Calming Ritual to ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits. A combination of calming Chamomile, uplifting Neroli and Mandarin (a natural sedative for the nervous system).

Sleep Well - A Bedtime Ritual to quieten an over-active mind and relax the body, at home and away. Palmarosa, a natural muscle relaxant, settles the nervous system, with Lavender, to support deep sleep. Ylang Ylang soothes the mind and body whilst balancing emotions.

Love - An Inner Peace Ritual to promote feelings of harmony, peace and love – the next best thing to a hug! Rose to balance the emotions, soothing Cedarwood and grounding Patchouli bring relief in times of stress and grief.

Escape - An Escapism Ritual to stimulate motivation and creativity, and enhance meditation practice. Recharge the batteries in a moment and go! Oud enhances mental clarity, Frankincense aids balance and visualisation and Sandalwood strengthens and fortifies the mind.

And for those that deserve a little of everything, present them with Scentered’s Ultimate Survival Kit containing one of each of the fab five Scentered balms; Stress Less, Sleep Well, Love, Escape and memory boosting Focus with a neat zip up and go Scentered bag. A gift that’s guaranteed to help your nearest and dearest do their best at work and at play.

Scentered’s totally portable, travel friendly, Therapy Gift Sets each contain an exotic treatment candle and balm to care for mind, body and soul. Perfect for holiday gifting the Escape Travel Set candle and balm, fragranced with Oud, Frankincense and Sandalwood, will help loved ones recharge their batteries, stop the clock and indulge in precious moments of escapism. The Be Happy Travel Set is fragranced with a sunshine blend of invigorating Pink Grapefruit, relaxing Lemon Myrtle and stimulating Spearmint. Be Happy is the natural way to brighten the day and breathe in with renewed positivity – enjoy the moment, and put a smile into someone’s day.

Scentered candles are made with a unique blend of 100% natural waxes and essential oils for a clean 18 hour burn.

  • Scentered Balm Baubles £14.50 each
  • Scentered Ultimate Survival Kit £50.00
  • Scentered Travel Sets: Escape and Be Happy (85g travel candle with 5g Balm) £27.50
  • Scentered Travel Candle 85g £16

All available from

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