Schwarzkopf Education for November 2017

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Schwarzkopf Professional Grow Your Business

Grow My Colour Business    

The 'Grow My Colour Business’ seminar is a full day seminar looking at the opportunities and challenges of the ever-changing hair colour market. The ongoing changes in technology and consumer expectation impacts upon both salon owners and clients and it’s essential to keep-up and make your offering relevant.

Understanding the business side of colour, as well as the needs and expectations of your target market, is more essential than ever. This in-depth seminar will help you build your existing colour business and keep things fresh for client satisfaction every time.

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: £250 / €290
When and where: Manchester, 20th November

How to Book a Seminar

Select the course/s and phone or email your local ASK Academy on: 01442 278000 or [email protected]

Or send a booking request via our ASK Academy App.

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