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Colour Decoded: World of IGORA

Introduce yourself to the world of IGORA! This one-day basic theory seminar is designed to increase and deepen your understanding of Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium colour range. This course will open you up to a world of new, creative colour possibilities, using the incredible IGORA Colour assortment. After just one day, you’ll leave this seminar full of creative ideas and ready to work with IGORA in your salon.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £70 / €80
Location and Date: Belfast, 7th August

Colour Decoded: Blonde on Blonde Level 1 

Do blondes really have more fun? In this seminar you’ll find out just how much fun you and your blonde clients could be having using BlondeMe and IGORA Blond products. You’ll learn how our patented Strong Bonds technologies minimise damage to hair quality, while still delivering the most intense blonde shades. This course will also give you the confidence to create iconic blondes, whether you are highlighting, bleaching or strobing. While this course covers the full spectrum of blonde products and techniques, we suggest you take it to the next level and book Blond on Blonde Level 2 at the same time.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £150 / €175
Location and Date: Dublin, 14th August

Colour Decoded: Colour Expert

Take on any colour correction challenge with this problem-solving seminar. Designed to remove the fear-factor, this confidence-boosting course explores a range of tricky technical processes, including rebalancing and pre-pigmentation. This intensive one day theory class will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of Schwarzkopf Professional’s colour ranges for solutions to all colour correction services.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £100 / €115
Location and Date: London, 21st August

Colour Buzz: Endless Colour Creativity

Want to go beyond your usual colour techniques and learn how to create individual, personalised blends for your clients? This course will help you to deepen your colour palette and learn new mixes from some of our exciting ranges of BlondMe, Colorworx and the IGORA family. Be inspired and ready to take a host of fresh new ideas back to your salon!

Duration: One Day
Investment: £250 / €290
Location and Date: Belfast, 21st August

Tall and Handsome: Barber Buzz

Male clients are often the most loyal of all, so keep it that way with this inspirational men’s contemporary cutting seminar. After attending this one-day course, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect male consultation, offer the very latest cutting and styling techniques and benefit from the ever-growing retail market with Schwarzkopf Professional’s 3DMen range.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £200 / €230
Location and Date: Manchester, 21st August

Colour Buzz: Freehand Specialist

Freehand colouring is a technique that is here to stay, but are you clued up on the skills needed to nail this creative trend? This one-day course is dedicated to colour trends like ombre, bronde and ronze and it will teach you all there is to know about these salon-friendly freehand techniques. From innovative face-framing placement to classic balayage techniques, you’ll leave equipped to offer something bespoke for each client and keep them coming back for more.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £300 / €340
Location and Date: Dublin, 21st August

Creativity: Pin It Up

From braid bars and festival hair menus to proms, weddings and parties, up-dos are now a staple and profitable hairdressing service. Learn how to perfect the essential techniques, seamlessly incorporate hair pieces and supports and work creatively with decorative accessories, while understanding the planning and preparation processes involved in these looks. This creative seminar will help you unleash your imagination, as well as opening up an entire skill set that can become a fresh revenue stream.

Duration: Two Days                               
Investment: £300 / €340
Location and Date: Glasgow, 21st-22nd August

Essential Skills: Cutting

By the end of this two-day seminar you will be an expert in outline, layers and graduation. We’ll showcase essential cutting techniques that have been specially designed to help you fill the gap between basic and creative haircutting, opening up a whole new avenue of inspiration.

Duration: Two Days
Investment: £250 / €290
Location and Date: London, 14th-15th August

How to Book a Seminar

Select the course/s and phone or email your local ASK Academy on: 01442 278000 or [email protected] or send a booking request via our ASK Academy App.

For all the latest news and course details please refer to the ASK Academy App.

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