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The latest March education courses from Schwarzkopf Professional...

Colour Decoded – World of IGORA

Introduce yourself to the world of IGORA! This one-day theory seminar is designed to increase and deepen your understanding of Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium colour range. This course will open you up to a world of new, creative colour possibilities, using the incredible IGORA Colour assortment. After just one day, you’ll leave this seminar full of creative ideas and ready to work with IGORA in your salon.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £70/€80
Location: Glasgow, 5th March / Cork, 5th March


Essential Skills – Blond Specialist Level 1

The perfect introduction to the world of blond! This course will give you a clear insight into the world of BLONDME and IGORA blond products. Learn how our patented #strongbonds technologies minimize the effect on hair quality while delivering the most intense blond colours and the ability to create iconic blonds. Highlighting. Bleaching. Toning. Whatever the style, in this seminar we cover the full spectrum of blond products and techniques.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £150/€175
Location: London, 5th March / Manchester, 12th March / Dublin, 26th March



Colour is language, creative expression and the signature of every professional hairdresser. This innovative colour course takes its inspiration from the worlds of multimedia, fashion, textiles and arts and brings all these innovative resources together. You will learn to reinterpret viral trends, to create your own professional looks and how to apply. Explore commercial opportunities and your ideas on your clients using social media to celebrate your profession.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £300/€340
Location: Dublin, 5th March / Manchester, 19th March / Glasgow, 26th March


Colour Decoded Special: Innovation Exploration

Learn how to gain maximum product success! Be inspired by the latest ground-breaking innovations and technology from Schwarzkopf Professional. Engage yourself with the latest launches in this interactive education session. Communicate brand new ideas and convince clients of your vision. Learn the details of every range and advise your clients on the right brand for their hair.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £70/€80
Location: Manchester, 5th March


OSiS+ Style Academy

Headed-up by our very own Masters, The Style Academy is the place to be! Push your cutting, styling and finishing skills to the limit. This intense eight-day program will inspire and challenge you to break your individual boundaries and create the hottest fashion trends! Immerse yourself in hands-on practical work sessions and detailed tutorials from our Schwarzkopf experts. Challenge yourself and become the most wanted stylist in town.

Our Masters will cover:

  • Consultation
  • Foundations
  • Classics
  • Up do's
  • Product and retail training
  • Gents hair cutting
  • Creative cutting
  • Precision cutting

Duration: 8 Days
Investment: £1600
Location: London, 5th-6th March, 4th-5th June, 13th-14th August and 15th-16th October


Just Bleach It!

Do you get nervous when it comes to bleaching? Spend this one-day seminar with one of our experts who will show you and share all their hints and tips to create the perfect blonde. Discover Schwarzkopf Professional’s #strongbonds technology and explore the intriguing science behind each innovation. Learn how to incorporate the new bonding category into every single touch-point of the salon journey.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £250/€280
Location: Cork, 26th March


Colour Decoded: Colour Correction

By the end of this intensive two-day seminar you’ll know everything there is to know about colour! From natural pigmentation and different types of hair structure to full colour correction. Learn how to tackle any challenge and experience first-hand the different results you can achieve using the full spectrum of colour.

Duration: 2 Days
Investment: £200/€230
Location: Glasgow, 12th-13th March / Manchester, 26th-27th March


Essential Looks: Look & Learn Workshop

On this two-day seminar, you will get up-close and personal with the creative force of our selective team of stylists and gain insightful inspirations. Experience forward thinking hair trends and learn with exclusive live demonstrations and a practical workshop to create the latest seasonal trends.

Duration: 2 Days
Investment: £400/€450
Location: London, 26th-27th March


Gents Expert

Enhance your practical knowledge about men’s contemporary haircuts and embrace the male clientele in your salon. After attending this one-day course, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect male consultation, offer the very latest cutting and styling techniques, and benefit from the ever-growing retail market with Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS Session label and 3DMen range.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £200/€230
Location: London, 12th March


Blond Specialist Boot Camp

Discover how to create truly iconic blond looks! Enrol in our blond boot camp to perfect your skills and knowledge. Unlock the science behind our blond bonding products and discover how to combine them with in-salon services to successfully build your blond business. Offering you the latest creative fashion-led techniques, you will dive into the creative process that delivers blond perfection. Covering everything from the latest bleach and tone techniques to full and partial blond applications, enabling you to become a master of blond.

Duration: 4 Days
Investment: £750/€860
Location: London, 12th March, 11th-12 June and 6th August


BC Care Consultant

Bring the in-salon hair care experience to your client’s daily life. Enhance your knowledge about the holistic hair care range of BC Bonacure and discover the cutting-edge technologies to reinvigorate the hair structure. Become a specialist in customized hair therapy, consultation and sensorial massage techniques, according to the specific needs of each of your clients.

Duration: 1 Day
Investment: £70/€80
Location: London, 12th March


How to book a seminar:

For general enquiries please contact your local ASK Academy on: 01442 278000 / [email protected]

To book your chosen seminar visit: or send a booking request via the ASK Academy App.

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