Schwarzkopf Professional March Courses 2017

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Colour Decoded: World of IGORA

Introduce yourself to Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA portfolio with this one day seminar. Explore how to use different colour products and their shade charts with interactive sessions, and you’ll also be shown how the product works as well as the different ways depth and tone can be used to create the perfect colour. Covering everything from consultation through to final results – this course will open up a whole world of colour opportunities.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £70
Location: Glasgow – 13th March 2017


Colour Decoded: Blonde on Blonde Level 1

Do blondes really have more fun? Find out how much fun you can have with your blonde clients with the BlondMe and IGORA Blond products, learning how our patented #strongbonds technologies minimise the damage to hair quality while still delivering the most intense blonde shades. This course will also give you the confidence to create iconic blondes, every time whether you are highlighting, bleaching or strobing. While this course covers the full spectrum of blonde products and techniques, we suggest you take it to the next level and book Blond on Blond Level 2 at the same time.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £150
Location: Glasgow – 6th March 2017


Colour Decoded: Blonde on Blonde Level 2

Become the ultimate blonde specialist in this follow up to Blond on Blond level 1. From conversions to corrections, this seminar explores the challenges you’ll face in your salons when it comes to blonde clients and will show you solutions with demos and insider tips and tricks from Schwarzkopf Professional’s blonde masters.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £300
Location: Belfast – 13th March 2017, Cork – 27th March 2017



BONDING technologies are revolutionising the hairdressing industry by providing salons with unlimited service and retail opportunities to grow their colour business. With Fibreplex, Schwarzkopf Professional introduced the bodyguard for hair during any colour service, allowing to lighten, lift or colour with up to 94% less hair breakage. Schwarzkopf Professional has now created a full new category of products with integrated bonding technology, providing superior bonding hair quality with any service. Discover this patented #strongbonds technology and explore the science behind this incredible new system. In these practical sessions you’ll see for yourself how to combine the bonding trend with and the latest in-salon services to create wearable, salon friendly looks.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £150
Location: Manchester – 6th March 2017


Made To Create: Session Secrets

Go behind the scenes with our top session stylists as they share the secrets to creating runway ready hair. Hone your creativity and develop salon-transferable skills to give you the edge as you get up close and personal with our award-winning stylists. They’ll reveal where they find their inspiration and how they approach the mood board as well as showcasing their skills in a live demonstration complete with stylist and make-up artist.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £300
Location: Glasgow – 27th March 2017


Colour Buzz: Endless Colour Creativity

Go beyond your usual colour techniques and learn how to create individual, personal colour mixes. Drawing on our range of products from across the colour spectrum, you’ll work with our incredible colour ranges of BlondMe, Colorworx and the IGORA family to bring your newfound techniques back to the salon and boost your colour business.

Duration: One Day
Cost: £250
Location: London - 13th March 2017, Glasgow – 20th March 2017


Colour Buzz: Freehand Specialist

Freehand colouring is a technique that is here to stay – but are you clued up on the skill needed? Kiss goodbye to foils and get creative! Dedicated to the latest colour innovations such as ‘lacing’ and ‘strobing’, this seminar will help you master the techniques you’ll need to replicate these trends in your salon, covering freehand processes including ‘faceframing’, ‘balayage’ placements and anything else that’s hot right now!

Duration: One Day
Cost: £300
Location: London - 20th March 2017, Manchester – 27th March 2017


Creativity: Creative Cutting Extra Course

While focussing on strengthening and perfecting basic cut and colour skills, this course also takes advance cutting and colouring techniques from our incredible Essential Looks collection, making this the perfect platform for newcomers and career returnees to immerse themselves in two days of creative education. With demonstrations, guided work sessions* and confidence building tuition, this course will provide you with the essentials to launch a solid career, whilst also looking at creating the perfect finish with Schwarzkopf Professional styling products.

*Workshop will be on mannequin heads and live models.

Duration: One Day
Investment: £200
Location: Manchester - 20th March 2017


Creativity: Pin It Up Extra Course

From the undone vibes of festival hair to classic wedding and party looks, up-dos are a staple hairdressing service but need to be done right! Learn how to perfect essential techniques, incorporate hair pieces and supports into your work, and understand that the key is all in the prep. This two day course will give you the confidence to access a whole new dimension to your work, as well as providing you with an entire skill set that can become a fresh revenue stream.

Duration: One Day or Two Days
Cost: £150 (one day) or £300 (two days)
Location: London – 6th-7th March 2017, Dublin – 27th March 2017

To book your place on one of Schwarzkopf’s courses, contact 0207 724 7931

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