Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic Team are Wowed by Award-Winning Duo

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Top session stylist Kim Rance and Hooker & Young’s Marcus King wowed Schwarzkopf Professional’s Young Artistic Team this week during two inspiring workshops.

During their first workshop Kim explained to the team where the vibrant world of session styling has taken her, from behind the scenes at London Fashion Week to styling celebrities for magazine covers. Kim focused on teaching the team the key techniques which are a vital part of a session stylist’s arsenal to ensure they have the versatility for any job, whether it’s for a photo shoot or for a bride on her wedding day. These techniques consisted of learning how to add hair pieces for length or volume to all hair types and how to remove weight from hair by using scalp braids. Kim explained to the eager students that these two skills are used on almost every model who is about to walk the runway as designers are particular in their uniformity. The day continued with learning how to attach a wig and to master the art of wig wrapping.

This is a strong focused team who are not to be underestimated! says Kim. They work so well together as a solid team and picked up the techniques super-fast. I really loved teaching this workshop and I hope the team enjoyed it as much as I did!

The focus of the second workshop with Marcus King was to ensure the team know how to prepare for a photo shoot, a skill they will be able to put into practice with their first photo shoot in January next year. Marcus started the day started with a presentation featuring his fantastic collections; he used this as a basis to go on to explain his structure for preparing for a photo shoot and where he draws his inspirations from. The team were encouraged to use magazines to decide on a theme for their upcoming shoot. Throughout the day, a mood board was created to help the students build on their chosen theme with Marcus always on hand to share tips and advice.

What a fantastic team! says Marcus, Considering the members are all from different salons it was great to see how well they worked together. They are a really enthusiastic bunch who is willing to learn and I can’t wait to see the photo shoot results next year!

As a stylist without much experience of session work and photo shoots, I really enjoyed learning new skills from the best in the business! says team member Christie Sanders. I worked as Kim's pairing partner for most of the first workshop, being mentored so closely I learnt a huge amount without being overwhelmed as Kim’s relaxed vibe made everyone feel comfortable.

The workshop with Marcus was extremely useful as hair collections can be quite overwhelming. To develop a clear starting point for our own collection from someone with so much expertise was a fantastic experience! We are all super excited to work with Marcus again and look forward to the preparation days for our very own photo shoot! said Christie.

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