Socialista is Back and Helping over 10,000 Businesses for Free During Lockdown

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During the first lockdown, Anna Khanna - Founder of Socialista Media - held a sell-out masterclass for FREE giving over 7,000 businesses all over the world an opportunity to learn the top tips and tricks to maximise your business on social media.

Now, she is back with a THREE-DAY FREE MASTERCLASS with marketing manager, Ayse Caglayan, and ready to top the last number of attendees with predictions of over 10,000 businesses taking part!

Given the current climate, this is worth its weight in gold and gives thousands of businesses across the beauty and aesthetics industry the chance to brush up on their social media skills and in turn improve their business on social media.

The masterclass begins at 8pm on Tuesday 24th November and includes topics such as:

  • Hashtags, highly viewed stories and understanding your insights
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Manager and how to use it right
  • Audience Growth – how to grow your followers and reach more potential clients

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and so many businesses closed overnight, it became very apparent just how important social media was going to be during this time. I quickly changed my business model bringing all masterclasses online and held a number of these for free. This meant for that for a period of time, businesses were able to receive the same quality content at zero cost. Now, during lockdown 2.0 I think we’ve all realised how important social media is in the industry which is why I wanted to help! - Anna Khanna

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