Spring is in the Air with The Healing Zone Training Centre Dubai

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March brings spring to most countries, even in the desert. We see clouds and sometimes rain, even when they are not seeding. Renewing energy, taking us out of the cold, towards the warmer months before summer.

Flower for the month: Cherry blossom so pretty brings a feeling of fun and renewed energy.

Crystal for the month: Aquamarine brings calming energy and protection when travelling, especially by sea. Beautiful cool pale blue with a hint of green. Bloodstone is also a crystal for the month of March, despite its name is a darker green dotted with red, was the original birthstone for March, and is used as a talisman for protection when travelling.

Training of the month: In March we have practical classes on Swedish Massage, Facial and Skincare, Reflexology and Sports Massage. If you have not enrolled and would like to, we have a special offer during the month of March on all programs.

Email [email protected] for details mentioning which program you are interested in. Students can enrol throughout the year. As the theory lessons are all online, there is no waiting time to enrol. Practical classes are scheduled throughout the year as are exams. We encourage everyone to follow a set time for each qualification, the pace is up to you.

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