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STMNT goes beyond the product. We've created a community of movers and shakers – people that have bold, authentic statements to make. Statements of creativity.

STMNT respects craftsmanship, in whatever form that may take. Techniques are perfected. Skills are honed. This is a demonstration of creativity. Of artistry. Something crafted by hand.

For us creativity has no bounds, it means something different to everyone. Regardless of industry, creativity has a common theme; it's about transcending traditional ways of thinking or acting, developing new and original ideas, creating something truly outstanding – to make a statement.

This is exactly why we're collaborating with artists from different industries and backgrounds. Not only supporting their craft but fuelling our STMNT community with authentic inspiration that looks outside of barbering or hairdressing to motivate and energize new ways for you to make your statement.

For 2022, the STMNT Artist Edition sees a special co-lab with respected artist, Defer (@deferk2s). His exclusively designed STMNT motif is featured on a limited-edition run of the STMNT All-in-One Cleanser (300ml).

STMNT X Defer: Artist Edition

As we continue to shape a brand with purpose, the STMNT Creators have joined forces with esteemed artist, Defer to bring you something truly exceptional…

Defer hails from LA; a respected artist and integral part of the Los Angeles street art scene since the mid-1980s. His work is instantly recognizable with a signature expressive style that blurs the lines between graffiti, typography and fine art. Defer is one of the most influential creators in the game.

His art has adorned the likes of Nike and Beats by Dre (to name just a couple). It's a juxtaposition between light and dark. Monochromatic and coloured. Of careful repetition to an almost uncontrolled nature of frenetic structures. For Defer, past experiences – layers of life – are reflected in his paintings. He describes it as a form of spiritual language that flows through each medium; multifaceted stokes of highly detailed line work with hidden depths behind the script. The fluidity of the letters moves organically as a hybrid of many styles come together, such as sharp angular lines paired with ornate writing.

Defer paints in an almost meditative state, guided by his inner self to craft authentically immersive paintings, cultural motifs, and complex patterns.

STMNT X Defer: Artist Edition Design Process

The esteemed artist, Defer shares his thoughts and process on designing the limited-edition motif for our STMNT All-in-One Cleanser.

The process of creating this artwork for STMNT was to first find a way to honestly express my artwork. Secondly, was to make sure that it’s represented in the right way. – Defer.

When crafting our tailor-made STMNT design, Defer wanted to stay true to his signature calligraphic style, whilst also echoing our brand ethos; creating a design that would make a bold statement.

In keeping with his style, Defer started with letter forms where the focal point concentrates on the brand name 'STMNT’ as typography – before, as Defer describes, being “obliterated” abstractly. This is repeated throughout the piece with ornate designs coming into play; hand-painted in original style to create a truly unique work of art. For Defer, the intentional usage of gold paint represents “a higher level of understanding and enlightenment in a metaphysical sense.”

It feels like I am a vessel expressing my innermost spirit...I love painting with the simplest of tools, brushes, paint, and water. – Defer.

Here, as well as in all his artwork, it was important to Defer to reach a sublime state of expression, representing greatness both aesthetically and spiritually.


STMNT goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose. A collective that respects people who have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in. Are you ready to raise your game? Join a community that honours craftsmanship and strives to do better than what has come before: @STMNTGROOMING / STMNTGROOMING.CO.UK Make your statement: #STMNTGROOMING #MAKEYOURSTMNT

The limited-edition run of the All-in-One Cleanser and the gifting box set will be available in the UK from October 2022.

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