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STMNT Launches New Haircare Heroes

STMNT continues to bring next level grooming goods to barbershops and hairdressers worldwide; these are crafted products from scratch, with innovative services, created by the pioneers of modern barbering:
  • Julius Arriola AKA Julius Cvesar
  • Sofie Pok AKA Staygold
  • Miguel Gutierrez AKA Nomad Barber

Today’s grooming goods can only really be brought to life by industry experts, which is what makes STMNT such a unique brand; a modern barbering brand that shakes things up and makes a statement. All at the top of their game, the three founding creators have imparted their identity into every aspect – they have developed three distinctive styling collections, plus a seven-piece care line featuring new haircare heroes, STMNT Hydro Shampoo and STMNT Serum!

New STMNT Products

The brand new STMNT Care products are the missing pieces to the ultimate grooming puzzle. Together with the rest of the STMNT Care assortment, STMNT Hydro Shampoo and STMNT Serum create a complete range for scalp, hair, body, and beard.

STMNT Hydro Shampoo - Your daily cleanse, just gentler
  • Gently, but effectively cleanses dry, or stressed hair and beard.
  • Soothes and balances the scalp.
  • Strengthens the hair.
  • Leaves the hair and scalp feeling moisturized.
  • Formulated with allantoin, ginseng extract, bisabolol and panthenol.
  • Free-from sulfates (SLS) and silicone oils.
  • Premium scent: fresh citrus and lavender with tonka bean
STMNT Serum - Your daily care boost
  • Soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair.
  • Deeply nourishes and balances the moisture content of dry hair and beard.
  • Leaves the hair with a lightweight and silky feeling.
  • Works as a cutting aid.
  • Suitable for hot towel services.
  • Formulated with allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E and panthenol.
  • Free from silicone oils.
  • Premium scent: fresh citrus and lavender with tonka bean.

“The new care products from STMNT are a game changer! Clients can often find it hard to create exact styles at home, which often is down to their overall hair health. Dry and brittle hair is less pliable, making it harder to mold and manipulate, which is where the Hydro Shampoo and Serum make all the difference. They work exceptionally well together, helping to lock in moisture and strengthen the hair all whilst soothing and balancing the scalp too. They are absolute essentials to me and are staples both in the shop and at home.” – Ryan Lewis, House of Barbers & Club Thirteen, STMNT Advocate

New STMNT Services:

From the professional backwash service to a custom-tailored home maintenance routine, STMNT is now offering more versatility than ever before – helping barbers and hairdressers to create the perfect canvas for styling.

Take grooming services to the next level with the latest statement-making care regimes! Crafted together with grooming experts and industry leaders, every STMNT Backwash Service will leave clients feeling good and looking sharp. Clients can choose from the following, where depending on the choice of service, this will include haircare from the STMNT Care line, a specialized scalp massage, steamed towel wrap and/or tailored beard care.

Sooth and Balance

A nourishing care routine, focusing on the scalp and hair to gently cleanse and hydrate, leaving a moisturized feeling – particularly beneficial for drier hair and scalp types.

Deep Clean and Care

A powerful cleansing experience that removes product build-up to refresh hair and scalp – recommend as a regular purifying backwash service to provide an extra fresh feeling.

Groom and Care

A bespoke regime that combines a caring hair, scalp, and beard service with a moment of relaxation – perfect for those who have a little extra time to enjoy a more holistic approach to self-care.

STMNT Online, Social and Education

Discover the best tips and tutorials to help you perfect your haircare routine – including useful information from professional consultation to at-home maintenance – over on the STMNT website: STMNTGROOMING.COM.

You'll uncover the full range of STMNT Care and Styling products, ready and waiting for you to #MAKEYOURSTMNT, alongside hair how-to's from the STMNT Creators themselves, helping to turn any cut into a statement-making look!

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