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Every decade has its iconic styles, its power looks; strong statements for strong women.

A New Year and a new project for the multi-talented Simon Webster Hair (SWH) Junior Team to display their range of skills. This was their first professional session-shoot where they were leading the looks, and the SWH Team were wowed by the results.

The brief was to present their own take on an iconic style from the last 50 years, in which the SWH Junior Team created a collection inspired by hair trends of the 60’s and 70’s that encompassed all aspects of the empowerment of women at that time.

Look 1: The Bardot by Hermione Koutsoumanis

Tousled and sexy, this iconic style has an easy sophistication that expresses the freedom and fun of the era, with a nod to the classic styling and earlier ideas of what beauty was for the generations that came before it. Day or night, work or play, this style covers it all.

Look 2: The Punk by Rhiannon Taylor

Screaming with attitude and casting off the restraints of previous generations, this look is a statement of youth, energy and exuberance. Braided sides add an accent of femininity and more versatile styling to a historically masculine Mohican shape. Grrl-power.

Look 3: The Diva by Libby Enticknap-Butterfield

From Disco to R’n’B the contrast of soft, sensual curls and the strong centre-parting has been worn to display a more refined but equally kick-ass attitude. It accentuates the natural beauty of loose hair but has a more controlled, intentional grooming; tender but tenacious.

Hair: Hermione Koutsoumains, Rhiannon Taylor & Libby Enticknap
Make-up Artist: Alessia Mancini
Photography: Matt Ring

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