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Feeling gloomy? You're not the only one! With the NHS stating one in five UK citizens suffer from low Vitamin D levels, it's no wonder people are gearing up for a hit of sunshine!

As Seasonal Affective Disorder bogs us down, Leighton Denny MBE knows the perfect way to boost your tan and help you soak up some glorious Vitamin D, vital for healthy bones!

Leighton Denny MBE says,

There's nothing worse than looking and feeling pale and run down. Winter brings nothing but rainy days and a lack of sunshine, but even in summer we might overdo the sun block and not get our vital Vitamin D. To maximise your time in the sun, try my Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Booster (£15.00/200ml, Containing Acetyl Tyrosine and Riboflavin, this accelerator is perfect for prepping skin for a deeper, long lasting tan by boosting the skin's natural melanin production. And with Aloe Vera, this superhero three-in-one product not only deeply moisturises as it is applied, keeping skin soft and supple, but also gently soothes - great for prickly heat or as a super soothing after-sun. And no need to pack three products!

For the ultimate tan and much needed dose of Vitamin D, Leighton recommends prepping your skin ten days ahead of your trip by applying Sun Believable Accelerate Me Tan Booster twice a day. But don't forget your SPF when going in the sun!

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