Sun Believable FACE with Youth Glow Technology by Leighton Denny

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Tan yourself younger with the clever two-in-one Sun Believable FACE! Not only does it have the perfect complexion pick-me-up for that subtle ‘just back from a long weekend in the Caribbean’ glow, the clever proprietary skincare technology means that you have a premium anti-ageing facial cream too!

Everyone loves that sun-kissed healthy glow, making eyes appear brighter and teeth whiter - but Sun Believable FACE with Youth Glow Technology also contains a unique blend of Organic Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Virgin Plum Oil to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, while Hyaluronic Acid restores smoothness and hydrates. Skin feels younger and looks plumper, restored and replenished immediately while the subtle caramel hue revives dull, lacklustre skin. For a continuous natural hydrating glow simply use every 2 to 3 days in place of your usual daily moisturiser.

Leighton's top tip for applying,

Start by hitting your t-zone (the forehead and down the bridge of your nose) since that's where the sun naturally hits your face. Move outwards, covering cheeks and chin in a quick motion to create an even look. Be sure to move down from your chin and jaw line to your neck and collarbone, as you want to blend your face coverage with your body. And make sure you don't forget your ears!

Available in medium or dark shades to suit all skin tones and can be purchased on

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