Supernature For Your Hair

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Introducing SACO Supernature Densifying haircare – perfect for those with fine and thinning hair.

SACO’s new Densifying shampoo and conditioner are the perfect combo for those with fine and thinning hair. This superfood formula deeply cleanses and moisturises both hair and scalp to promote hair growth and leave hair feeling thicker and stronger.

Enriched with Amla, Boitin and Saw Palmetto extract to densify the hair, clearing follicles and leaving both hair and scalp refreshed.

  • Densifying Shampoo 250ml, £19.00
  • Densifying Conditioner 250ml, £20.00

If you are interested in stocking SACO for your salon, contact Rebel Beauty Brands LTD @rebelbeautybrands on 01442248104

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