Tame and Smooth Unruly Hair

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Is the typical British weather playing havoc with your clients’ hair? Smooth Sexy Hair is on call to smooth and straighten unruly locks.

Infused with coconut oil, Smooth Sexy Hair combats frizz prone hair by coating the outer cuticle layer and protecting it from the harsh elements, creating a smooth effect. Instantaneously, hair will transform from frizzy, wavy and lack lustrous, to sleek and glossy.

This sought after oil also reduces protein loss, which prevents the hair from breaking and becoming damaged. Smooth Sexy Hair is sulphate, gluten, paraben and salt free, which helps maintain healthy hair, creating silky, shiny locks with great manageability.

Sulfate Free Smoothing Shampoo
Suitable for daily use, this shampoo gently cleanses hair whilst adding moisture by penetrating the hair shaft. By preventing cuticle lift, humidity and friction from invading the hair, this shampoo creates sleek locks.

Sulfate Free Smoothing Conditioner
This creamy, rich conditioner coats the outer cuticle layer of the hair, preventing frizz from occurring.

Smooth Extender
This rich, restorative treatment penetrates deep into the hair cortex to create sleek and shiny styles. Used over time this luxurious treatment combats the signs of frizz.

Smooth Encounter
The perfect blow-dry prep, this luxurious lightweight crème tames unruly frizz without weighing the hair down.

Frizz Eliminator
The ultimate finishing product, this serum seals and contains unruly frizz leaving it protected from humidity.

Smooth and Seal
This lightweight spray protects hair from the elements, keeping it shiny and sleek, and provides thermal protection.

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