TH1 Hair Unveils its Stunning New Interior

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TH1 Hair, the deluxe Surrey-based salon headed up by multi award-winning stylist, Thomas Hills, has unveiled its unique and glossy monochrome interior.

The salon, which is located in a prime spot in the town of Oxted, boasts an exquisite interior that’s been designed to reflect the salon’s style-centric branding and its team’s modern approach to hairdressing. TH1 Hair, which originally opened its doors in 2004, is the brainchild of Thomas Hills. Characterised by high-shine clean lines, bright white minimalism and unique furnishings, the salon is the hallmark of the brand’s attention to detail and love of discipline.

The overall aesthetic of TH1 Hair is modelled on a photographic studio design. With its clean lines and bright lights, this seemed a fitting backdrop for TH1’s talented team to perfect their creative colour and precision cutting. What’s more, considering the growing presence of TH1’s Artistic Team within the industry and their progressive experience within the fashion industry (the team have worked backstage at London Fashion Week and have been featured in Vogue) the design also felt like an organic nod to the salon’s growing connections with the fashion industry.

Defined by a sense of open space and light, the monochromatic colour scheme of TH1 Hair, with a heavy bias towards white décor, sets the tone for the salon’s minimalist style and its serene and relaxing ambience. As a Revlon Professional-affiliated salon, it also provides the perfect neutral setting for TH1’s colourists to work their colour magic against. Glossy, white oversized floor tiles, complete with charcoal grouting, together with floor-to-ceiling front windows, intense white spotlighting and a vast open-plan layout, creates a very modern sense of space, openness and floods of light. The aesthetic of the salon has a clear focus on shape and form, that’s free from clutter – even the curated edit of fashion magazines in the waiting area is kept hidden in a discreet metal magazine stand – however while it may be overtly minimalist, the salon doesn’t lack in glamour. A glossy mix of reflective surfaces – shiny tiling throughout; metallic bespoke chairs in the raised backwash area; and uniquely angular shaped mirrors hanging in the main salon – brings an understated glamour and sense of luxury to the entire salon space.

As an experienced stylist and self-proclaimed perfectionist, Thomas Hills, TH1’s director and the brains behind the salon’s interior design, is acutely aware that the devil is in the detail when it comes to design. That’s why you’ll find unique styling details and subtle hints of flair throughout the salon if you look closely enough – such as spotlight flooring; personalised styling stations with bespoke monogram detailing; and a subtle mosaic floor tiling that borders the waiting area.

Commenting on the salon’s interior concept, Thomas Hills says:

TH1’s signature aesthetic is effortlessly stylish with a luxe finish – and the blend we’ve created of modernity, simplicity, effortless style and deluxe finishings reflects this perfectly. When I opened TH1 Hair I set out to create a London-style salon in the suburbs, with all the style, sophistication and glamour of a central London location. What we’ve executed is, we feel, exactly that – a contemporary, quietly confident metropolitan-style space, with a taste of London, in the leafy and peaceful surroundings of Surrey.

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