The Application Tool All Extensionists Have Been Waiting For!

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Quick, easy and cost effective – the new Freestyler from Hairdreams means it’s easier than ever for salons to offer a comprehensive hair extensions service for their clients.

Thanks to its light, ergonomic design, the FreeStyler gives the extensionist more control when applying hair and the ability to attach extensions with greater precision, making it a more comfortable experience for the client. And it doesn’t stop there. A temperature regulator ensures an optimal operating temperature is reached and a magnetic holder means the FreeStyler can be set down safely and securely between applications. Another major benefit is that it has been designed to apply not only the individual pre-bonded Hairdreams extensions, but also the Hairdreams MicroLines integration system – previously, two separate tools were needed for the different systems.

While developing this ground-breaking new technology, Hairdreams has also considered the needs of the environment. With FreeStyler, energy consumption has been reduced by 80% compared to other devices, and the time-saving tool is delivered in packaging that is 100% recycled cardboard.   

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