The Beauty Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Ever wondered how the Hollywood elite keep their brows looking so fabulous and their skin looking so smooth and flawless? Discover one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood celebrities and make-up artists for eyebrow shaping, hair removal and exfoliation.

The Hollywood Browzer has recently launched in the UK. One simple innovative beauty tool that answers so many questions and is the clear-cut solution to many common issues associated with hair removal including pain, expense, inconvenience, coupled with, “am I proficient enough to do this myself”, and “do I have the time?” 

The Hollywood Browzer gives you precisely shaped, perfectly groomed eyebrows and removes unwanted facial and body hair (both coarse and fine) instantly and painlessly leaving no tell tale signs of hair removal like redness or bumps. Once hair has been removed quickly and easily with the tool, it reveals smoother, brighter, younger looking skin, as the BROWZER exfoliates the skin at the same time, very similar to Dermaplaning. By removing the dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the face, one’s make-up will have a flawless finish, and skincare will be better absorbed by the skin, as it is not being blocked by a layer of dead skin cells and superfluous hair.

The Hollywood Browzer is exceedingly safe to use, is discreet, and looks like a slim line foldaway comb, which measures 11cm x 1.5 cm. It has a stainless steel-coated Swiss blade with safety guards on both sides that are designed not to cut or irritate the skin. When you are finished, just fold up your Browzer and slip it into your handbag or make-up case, for quick touch-ups wherever you go! Ever miss a spot shaving your legs in the morning or not see that dark hair on your upper lip until going out in the sunlight? Now you can remove those hairs instantly and discreetly even when you are out and about. With normal use, each Hollywood Browzer lasts for approximately three months.

How to use:

Simply place your Browzer on clean dry skin at a 45 degree angle and gently stroke the area of unwanted hair.  You will see your hair fly off in seconds.

Great for:   
  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip hair
  • Chin hair
  • Sideburns/peachfuzz
  • Back of neck (men and women)
  • Uneven hairline
  • Stray hairs

Priced at £15 for a pack of two and a protective pouch, which gives you up to six months of hair removal.

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