The Calligraphy Cut Arrives In London

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Exclusively launching through Frankie Cochrane Hair, the Calligraphy Cut is a hairdresser’s technical innovation.

Cutting hair obliquely, comparable to the gentle cut of a flower stem, the Calligraphy Pen cuts hair at a precise 21 degree angle, this triples the hair’s surface area resulting in softness, flexibility, lightness and brilliance to your hair, as well as sustainable, healthy ends.

Frank Brormann, Calligraphy Pen developer, says,

Whenever you get a calligraphy cut it feels like your hair is getting a gentle massage. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful haircutting with unprecedented precision.

This season sees the release of the next generation Calligraphy Pen, THE21. In addition to this, world renowned hairstylist and international L’Oreal Professional Creative Director, Francis Schroembges has created some amazing visuals during New York Fashion Week. Francis states,

For me, hairstyling and colour are the steps that complete my Calligraphy Cut, because the hair-shapes fall on their own. If you have a great colour and the softness of a Calligraphy Cut, you can create hair that will blow your mind.

The Calligraphy Cut, already established across Europe and the USA, is now available in the UK, through Frankie Cochrane Hair. Frankie Cochrane Hair is the UK licensee for Calligraphy Cut and will be offering partnerships with salons across the UK. /

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