The Fellowship: From Cardiff to Manchester

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The Fellowship really is going national, with far-flung two events in one night. Cardiff saw its first ever Fellowship event, with a hugely successful Masterclass at the beautiful Cornerstone venue, and Manchester welcomed the legendary Johnny Shanahan from Barber Barber UK to the Wella Academy.

Ken Picton was the host for the Cardiff Masterclass, having put his heart and soul into organising what was always going to be an incredible ‘first’ for Welsh hairdressers and the Fellowship, along with Events Director Ann Herman. It was hosted at the beautiful Cornerstone, a former chapel. There was a huge buzz amongst the audience about a Fellowship event being held in Wales, and huge recognition to Ken for bringing such a great event to the area.

On the line-up were familiar local faces and beyond; Mark Coray from Coray and Co, Simon Webster and Lora Griffin from Simon Webster Hair, Steven Goldsworthy from Goldsworthy’s, Lee Brown from Lara Johnson Lifestyle, Harriet Young, Scott Evans and Jade Pointon from Ken Picton and Zoe Williams and Jamie Benny from 2016’s F.A.M.E. Team. Errol Douglas MBE also came along to take the stage as a special guest, together with Jamie Limburn from Burlesque Hairdressing, Gabrielle Regan from Shades Hairdressing and Chloe Richards from ISalon Hairdressing; who were the three selected students from the Fellowship and I programme ran by ISA Training, where young apprentices can apply to receive exclusive mentoring from Ken and Errol.

The Fellowship and I Programme embodies everything that the Fellowship is all about for young people. The three selected students spent the day being mentored by Errol and myself and working on models before taking the stage to present for the very first time at the Masterclass, showing the audience what they had learnt throughout the day. They absolutely blew us away! The whole evening was fantastic and I can’t wait to do it again. – Ken Picton

Up in Manchester, Johnny Shanahan from Barber Barber UK was heading up the Fellowship’s latest ClubStar event. Joined by Joey Power, Arran Tynan, Richie Hughes and ‘Franko’ from the Barber Barber UK team, it was an evening full of attitude and energy – and we’d expect nothing less! As well as presenting three incredible models, Johnny and his team spoke to the audience about running a men’s hair business. From customer service to the Barber Barber UK brand ethos and to knowing your customer, they explained their vision and why they operate the way they do.

We at Barber Barber UK are very traditional; we do what we do and we keep our brand strong. We’re not a high fashion salon and we don’t move with the trends – and that’s how we like it! The masses change their mind all of the time and many salons move with that but we like to stay the same and keep a clear vision, and our clients appreciate that. - Johnny Shanahan

It was clear that Johnny and his team have built Barber Barber UK to being the name and brand in the industry that it is today by doing things their own way, which is what the audience were able to take away with them from the evening.

The event went really well and my team loved it. I always enjoy getting in front of a Fellowship audience! says Johnny.

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