The Hairdressers’ Charity Officially Launches

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Born from the Hair and Beauty Benevolent, The Hairdressers’ Charity is the new official charity of the hair industry and has been created to help hairdressers in need.

The Hairdressers’ Charity has been established to support hairdressers and ex-hairdressers who have been affected by illness, disability, bereavement or financial hardship. With over 300 applicants requesting help each year, the charity will rely on support of the hairdressing industry to enable help for those who need it most.

The charity’s new committee consists of a mixture of hairdressers, manufacturers and industry influencers who meet each month to discuss fundraising initiatives and decide on the financial support of beneficiaries. The Hairdressers’ Charity has also announced the following positions within the charity committee:

  • Chairman, Philip Rogers
  • 2016/2017 President, David Drew
  • 2016/2017 Vice President, Hilary Hall
  • Treasurer, Jeffery Bonn
  • Secretary, Teresa Frise
  • Directors, Philip Rogers, David Drew, Jeffery Bonn, Hellen Ward and Phylis Mabey
  • Communications, Samantha Grocutt and Emma Seldon

David Drew, The Hairdressers’ Charity President, explains,

This is big news for the industry and charity – we’ve been around in one form or another since 1853, but this new change sees us as a registered charity for the first time ever. As a registered charity, donations can be subsidised with Gift Aid and corporate companies can benefit from tax allowances. This means even more money for hairdressers in need and is a big step for the industry’s official charity.

The decision was made to launch The Hairdressers’ Charity to appeal directly to hairdressers, so we are clearly seen as the voice of our caring industry and can help others less fortunate. It’s important that our industry continue to support us with fundraising, as all proceeds go direct to the charity – whether that’s by hosting your own activities or attending one of the many fundraisers we organise ourselves. It’s a really exciting time for The Hairdressers’ Charity.

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