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One of the most talked about things in the hair industry is just how damaged hair can get during chemical processing services. The entire world uses a seemingly never ending list of ‘fix damaged hairʼ options, and there are more conditioners and treatments on offer than anyone could imagine. The truth of the matter is simple: damaged hair cannot be repaired permanently. End of!

Plexes and bonders are treatments that fill in the gaps made by chemical processing and do not and cannot permanently repair the hair. When the plexes or bonders wear off, the hair is in an even worse condition than before. The only way to get around the endless and expensive nightmare of trying to treat and ‘fixʼ damaged hair is to not have any damage from the outset with any chemical service. Sounds impossible right? Well keep reading.

The past decade or so has seen major shifts in the way the average hair salon client sees their local hair salon. Years of research and working in at the deep end of the industry has revealed the true nature of the challenges that professional salons face. The methods and practices that have been used since the late 80s are no longer working for the simple reason that the whole world has changed and not many people in the industry noticed. The average clientʼs personal profile and lifestyle is nothing like what is was 20 years ago or even ten years ago, so we canʼt use ancient methods to solve modern age demands. By now you will be wondering what this has to do with Karma System?

What if there was a way to colour and bleach hair without any damage that involved a professional digital consultation right there at the chair - one that really examined the clientʼs needs and wishes? What if there was a clever development system that allowed colour and bleach to safely develop in only 12 minutes with zero processing damage? What if that system allowed you to use any colour you liked? What if you were able to do all this including cut and finish in a time of around 90 minutes instead of 180 minutes? Welcome to the world of Karma System, The worlds first Intelligent Development System.

So, what exactly is Karma System?

Karma System is an advanced cleansing, preparing and development process that replaces your traditional process of just adding peroxide and colour into a mixing bowl. It is an alternative way of chemical processing that does not cause ANY processing damage, yet can develop your existing colour choice in only 12 minutes approximately.

This cuts down any colour service time in your salon to allow you to do, for example, a simple full head tint including cut and finish can be done in approximately 60 minutes! Karma Express Seamless blending that may use six or more complimenting tones can be done in around 90 minutes with incredible results free of any processing damage and no further damage to existing hair. Karma services are backed up with an at the chair digital consultation which has several benefits to your client, stylist and salon.

Say good bye to damaged hair, and say hello to Karma System.

Daniel, CEO of Ministry of hair London, says:

With Karma System the impossible is now possible!! No more saying to a client, 'we're not going be able achieve that in one setting, itʼs going take six months unless you want to destroy your hair'. With Karma System you can give your clients the most natural looking colour with Karma Express Seamless Blending, for the most Impossible colour changes in the shortest possible time without any processing damage! So what are you waiting for?

If you are interested in Karma, contact Daniel at [email protected] and start the karma system journey to beautiful virgin hair for your clients! Good Salon Guide members will receive a discount price on their first order! / Instagram @karmasystempro

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