The 'King Of Colour' Does It Again

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Daniel Galvin OBE is renowned for being the ‘King of Colour’. During the 60s he invented ‘Crazy Colour’, modernised the highlighting industry with his ‘Brickwork’ technique and throughout the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, has been continually developing his art by coming up with new, innovative ways of creating the perfect hair colour.

2012 marks 35 years of business for Daniel Galvin and his Marylebone salon and to celebrate this, Daniel has launched a revolutionary new way of colouring the hair. This new, exciting technique is called Finger Painting by Daniel Galvin and is a free-flowing, effortless look produced by gradually coaxing and teasing the colour through the middle to the tips of the hair with the fingers rather than applying the colour using combs and brushes and baking it in foils.

Using a specially prepared formula, Daniel lifts the colour that already lies within the natural pigment of the hair, producing a hue that is a few shades lighter than the original and thus delivering a soft, uncontrived effect. Similarly, the finger weaving produces a gentle, more unaffected appearance, avoiding harsh, angular foil lines.

Daniel is thrilled to once again bring a new colouring procedure to the industry.

He says,

My key professional aim is to ‘Enhance Natural Beauty’ and I feel that this technique perfectly demonstrates that philosophy. This is such an ideal method for me – by using my hands I’m really getting in touch with my canvas and forcing to the surface that inner natural beauty.

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