The Oil Lift, the New Buzzword in Hair Colour

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The All-Star colour team at Paul Edmonds have been perfecting Oil Lifts for years and now the rest of the world has caught up. With the release of L'Oreal's new Blonde Studio Oil, Oil Lifts are the new buzz word in hair colouring and we heartily concur with their renewed popularity.

At Paul Edmonds, Diamond Oil has been a long client favourite, and aligned with this we are delighted to have the choice of the softer ammonia free option with L’Oreal’s Blonde Studio Oil.

What is an Oil Lift?
An oil based highlighter that is used around the hairline and sometimes painted into the main body of hair. It is gentle on the hair with its oil base and ammonia free formula. It gives a gentle, loose California beach blonde look and is extremely effective when used with a light carefree L.A. touch.

What is it used for?
Paul Edmonds use the Oil Lift for several different applications across blonde and grey hair tones:

  • Softening Greys - a couple of minutes with the oil lift and grey hairs are softened. It doesn't hide grey hairs but softens them into the rest of the hair to create a blended greying look.
  • Uneven Hairlines - sometimes hairlines can act as if they have a mind of their own. We use Oil Lifts to fade them out ensuring there are no hard edges to highlighted hair.
  • Warming Ashes - ash blondes can sometimes be a bit cold against the skin, we use Oil Lifts to give just a hint of warmth next to the face.
  • In between Love - sometimes highlighted and blonde hair needs some love in between appointments. Oil Lifts give it that extra love lift it needs to see it through.

Image: The beautiful Stephanie Rad recently had an Oil Lift at Paul Edmonds.

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