The Rise and Rise of Rosie Binns

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Moving up doesn’t have to mean moving on. Rosie Binns has seen her career flourish and develop all while remaining with Ethos; the salon group that gave her ‘her big break’.

For Rosie Binns, this open policy, inspirational leadership and availability of opportunities are why she has been happily part of the Ethos hairdressing team for six years. This year, Rosie took another step in her relationship with Ethos, by joining the business as a shareholder and being promoted to manager of the group’s Manchester city centre salon.

When I first started, I came in at stylist level and had very little responsibility. I started helping Sharon on her own shoots and shows and learnt so much from that, that I was inspired to enter and win awards myself. – Rosie Binns

Along with colleague Brent Barlow, Rosie entered North Western Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards - and won, following in the footsteps of Sharon, who has won the award three times. Sharon’s inspiring leadership also led Rosie to investigate other areas of hairdressing, such as mentoring and education.

Sharon helped me get more involved in the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. This led me to be winning a place on the F.A.M.E. Team in 2016, which in turn led to me getting work with Matrix as a guest artist - I still teach courses for them now. – Rosie Binns

As well as greater recognition in the industry, Rosie’s flourishing career allowed her to progress within the salon too.

I moved up to senior creative stylist and started to get involved with the running of the salon, as well as running our social media and creating graphics for promotions - all things which I’d expressed an interest in, and which I was trusted to explore and work at.”

I want to further my own personal development and career. But I feel very loyal to the brand, and to Sharon, for all the opportunities I’ve had. Being given the chance to grow within Ethos means I’ve not felt the need to look anywhere else for opportunities. I want to grow with the business, and hopefully play my own part in helping it develop too. – Rosie Binns

As for the business skills which come with a management role, Rosie is taking a proactive approach to learning.

I’m working hard at learning to be a good manager. It’s totally different from being a great hairdresser, but I’ve got all the support I need here to hopefully do a good job. I really want to keep moving forward with Ethos, with both the business and the artistic side. I’m very lucky at the moment to be involved with teaching for Matrix and our own in-house training in colour – and hopefully once I’m settled in as manager, I’ll get working on the next shoot or competition to keep pushing the salon forward! – Rosie Binns

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