The Shoot with Luke Benson

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ghd have an amazing opportunity coming up to work with Luke Benson on a two-day course called ‘The Shoot’.

Building a library of images is a must-have for any hairdresser, whether you’re creating content for your salon on social media or building your profile in the session world - but there’s more to shooting than just doing great hair. Over two days, this workshop will take you behind the scenes on set with our expert Luke Benson to learn what makes a great shoot, how to maximise publicity from your end results and how to come up with innovative, trend-led concepts. And, to bring it all to life, you’ll end the workshop by producing your own shoot.

The workshop covers:
  • Day one - Go on set with the ghd team and learn what makes an award-winning shoot, including concepts, makeup, styling and designing hair. You will then follow Luke throughout the day, watching how he works with the photographer to produce finished images.
  • Day two - Today is all about you, and you’ll work with Luke to bring your own concepts to life. We’ll provide two models (with global trade and PR usage), tools, products, art direction, location and set, as well as a great photographer, makeup artist and wardrobe. You’ll walk away with four images, with one round of retouching - all of which can be used for industry awards.
The Shoot with ghd Creative Artist, Luke Benson
  • Cost: £1,600 +VAT
  • Date: June 17th/18th
  • Level: Intermediate to advanced

To book your place, email [email protected]

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